The Choice

ATRIM Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a choice of place to professionals who seek a more-rewarding and a niche technologies to work on. We have a very active campus both for working and learning new technologies through working out in diversified platforms. We are an equal opportunity employer, the only criteria for working with us is being a skilled and a passion to excel in life

People with passion & determination to pursue success”

Since we give our employees a chance to live their dream, we seek people with striking innovative ideas who are passionate to work hard and have leadership qualities to meet challenges and build healthier relationships in their environment.

As one of the fastest growing company, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and as a result, we offer them the best environment to work that would help them to deliver more productive work. We offer every employee, an exciting career path and we are following a culture mainly focusing on work ethics and teamwork. We have all the facilities & plans to grow you professionally and we always seek people with highly-positive attitudes and envisioning innovative thoughts.

  • We believe in all individuals ( Customers, co-workers, business partners)
  • We trust in a more transparent and zero-manipulative work environment.
  • We achieve our common objectives through team work.