Offshore ESDM

Many international companies seek value in outsourcing their design, development and/or manufacturing to ATRIM.


Clients prefer off-shoring the projects to us primarily because of the follwing reasons:
1. Clients get world-class service with 24 hours support, 7 days (even on holidays)
2. Clients bring down the project/product cost drastically. Not only does the currency difference helps, the ready made stacks for multifarious technologies allow us to serve you at a price and timeline that out-beats your local provider.
3. Our strategic tie-ups in China helps our clients leverage the outstanding Chinese manufacturing facilities ensuring standard quality and minimum cost and time.
4. The move also helps our clients maintain privacy in their domestic country which becomes a challenge if the solutions provider is local.
5. We are well-versed and adhere strictly to the standards and certifications. We have built products for the medical, military, mining industry, petrochemical setups and other life and mission critical industries.


As a matter of fact, certain companies have outsourced their entire technical department to our ODC (Offshore Development Center) so that they may be free to concentrate on developing more business.
Wherever you are, whatever is your need, we’ll be happy to serve you!