ATRIM offers a range of consultancy services in electronics and electrical systems development. Whether you have a finalized specification or a raw concept we can help you in multifarious processes.

We offer consulting to keep client always in driver seat by helping them in following ways:

  • Continuous innovation
  • Technology Selection
  • Adapting market dynamics
  • Cost Optimization while maintaining high customer satisfaction
  • Proof of concept
  • Meeting Industry standards
  • Product approval
  • System Integration for best possible solution
  • Maximize Return on Investment
  • Minimizing your time to market
  • Product reengineering according to a specific geography
  • Efficient sourcing
  • Alternatives to components/elements in your BOM
  • Smoother scaling up/ tackling scale-up challenges beforehand, etc.

Often we work in parallel with the client’s own development team and assist with a particular element of the design or occasionally to perform an independent design review.

We can suggest improvements and approaches based on our experience assisting other companies to improve their business processes. We can assist the teams develop an implementation plan, conduct training, implement the improvements, and monitor the results. We are sure thatthe improved results through our assistance will pay for itself many times over.