Electronics Product Development

We specialize in the design and production of simple as well as high-tech electronic products.

Today’s Electronics product development requires the skillful blend of expert hardware and software engineering together with a spirit of creativity and innovation, tempered by the practical concerns of manufacturability, cost consciousness, testability and on-time delivery. With hundreds of successful project completions, we are uniquely suited to engineer your concept into reality.

We will work with your idea, perform detailed design, construct prototype units, refine the prototype design and manufacture your electronic product. Fast, accurately, on time and within budget.

We can coordinate everything from housings and enclosures to PCAP touch screen interfaces for smartphone-like embedded devices running Linux or Android operating systems.  These capabilities range from pre-production visualization, rapid prototyping, CNC prototyping to final finished injection or blow-molded product housings.  We can deliver your product to you, fully tested and ready for resale.